A Horror survival game where you are trapped in a maze and are being hunted by a monster. Find the end of the maze to win, all while avoiding traps and attempting to outsmart the demon which is listening for you.


This was a group project done for one of our classes using Unity. We wanted sound to be a big part of this game, and the main mechanic for the monster. Movement and speech attract the monster based on how loud you are being, and distance from. The maze is randomly generated along with all the traps within it. We had hoped to incorporate networked multiplayer which would have added a lot to the game; but unfortunately we were unable to include it.


My contribution to this project mostly consisted of enemy AI programming. I used basic A* pathfinding mixed with the monsters ability to listen for sounds from the player to create the monsters behaviours and states. One of my other contributions which I thought of for the game was the torches throughout the maze. Torches can be lit and used as bread crumbs to help you find your way through the maze.


• Randomly Generated Maze
• Monster AI using Sound
• Assortment of Traps
• A* Pathfinding
• Created in Unity

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