About Me

Matt Joncas

I am a game programmer living in Toronto Ontario. I have been coding for over 7 years and designing games for the last 5 years. Highschool is where I discovered my fascination with programming, this was when I realized I enjoy creating software. Programming is what I love to do and I am always interested in learning about new and interesting technology. In the last year I have became very interested in graphics programming mostly using OpenGL & GLSL. At the end of the day I enjoy making games/tools and designing unique experiences for the user.

In 2015 I graduated from Humber College's Game Programming course with honors, which I started in 2012. I learned a lot during my time at Humber; everything from Data Structures, to Project Management, and Physics.

For the past 2 years I have been working as a game programmer at Play Puddle Inc, working on multi platform puzzle games.


Technical Skills

• C#
• C++
• JavaScript
• Java
• Swift
• ActionScript
• Objective-C
• Python

• Unity
• Git
• OpenGL
• BrainCloud
• Heroku
• Unix
• Xcode
• Spine
• Blender


Play Puddle Inc.: Toronto 2015-Present
Game Programmer

Developed and maintained multiple projects for web and mobile games.


Humber College: Toronto 2012-2015
Advanced Diploma in Game Programming with Honors

Project driven program focused on the fundamentals of object oriented programming and game design. At Humber we learned everything that goes into producing games for multiple platforms and languages. While at Humber I learned a strong understanding of programming concepts which are helpful in developing software and solving problems.

A large portion of the program is devoted to understanding the math behind games. We learned techniques which are helpful for solving common problems in 2D & 3D environments. As well as physics classes to learn how physics engines work. Two of the classes I really enjoyed were Computer Graphics & Game Engine Design. These classes got me very interested in shaders and how modern game engines work. I was able to create a very basic engine using C++ & OpenGL.

Some other examples of courses include: Data Structures, Design Patterns, Game Dynamics, Mobile Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Project Management.


Graphics programming, Low poly & Pixel art, Rogue-like mechanics, Dynamic worlds, VR

Music, Podcasts, Valve, Craft Beer, Sci-fi, Comics

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